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Business plan


The crucial step for the successful investment in the self service laundry is a preparation of a good business plan. Such a preparation, as possible, perform together with Your laundry equipment supplier. Very often, the reason for a decline or even a failure of a business venture, is a shortage of a proper business planning. Of course, every laundry owner prepares some plans, but only those who had devoted enough time and effort to make detailed, thoroughly studied, well shaped and serious plan, can be sure that such a plan will significantly increase their perspective of success. The business plan that is well prepared, serves not only for the monitoring of everyday financial impact, but also as a base for the future business decisions and development plans.


Finding a proper location for Your laundry - that is the next important step in the development of Your business project. If You want to be sure that Your choice of location will enable sustainability of the laundry, You have to focus on following:


Before You start Your search for the location, You have to decide what kind of the laundry You want to open.


A population analysis helps to define potential customers in the neighbour area.

Some examples of the data you can collect working on such an analysis:

  • How many inhabitants live in the neighbour area around Your laundry?
  • The percentage of inhabitants living in rented apartments, in their own apartments and houses?
  • The average income?
  • The percentage of singles, single parent or else?


Acquaint Your competitors and their capabilities: what services they offer, what type of a laundry they run, what is the type and condition of their equipment, do they have adequate parking area, have their laundry adequate illumination, do they work successfully or are awaiting shutdown?


The visibility is essential for every retail shop. It serves to attract as much customers as possible. So, You have to take into account the following:

  • Is Your laundry visible easily from the street/ road?
  • How much of the shop front takes the window/ shop window?
  • What type of the advertising sign is allowed?
  • What is the size of the shop's front?

Parking area

Make Yourself sure that it is possible to organize the parking area, that is big enough for all the potential customers, in front of the shop.

Neighbouring shops

What kind of shops are next to Your laundry? Do they work successfully or are awaiting shutdown?


One of the crucial factors of Your business success is undoubtedly the way in which You finance Your business effort. Financial future of Your laundry depends on the conditions under which You get the money to start Your business and under which You have to repay it.

The favourable conditions of renting for Your shop are also very important factor on which Your business success depends.

The negotiations about the conditions of renting the shop and it's outcome have direct impact on cost effectiveness on Your business project as a whole. So, it is essential for the laundry owner to devote himself to the negotiations personally, regardless of the fact that he had already employed a legal representative.

Duration of renting

Duration of renting is a period of time in which the renting contract is valid. It is in the interest of the laundry owner to get as long duration of renting as possible, right from the start.


Professional laundry equipment for today's self service laundries does not consist of appliances that can be simply transported to the installation place by the truck, unloaded, unpacked and simply plugged in the electric socket, being ready for use.

Professional equipment (some appliances have weight up to several hundred kilograms) asks for a professional team for being unloaded with the help of fork lifter, then transported to the installation position, strictly levelled and then fixed to floor or foundations. Next phase is to connect the appliance to supply and drain installations. Only then, the appliance is ready to be tested and put into function.

A lot of faults and breakdowns of the appliances happen due to the improper installation. Improperly installed appliances can develop vibrations while working. Such vibrations can cause further breakdowns, but will surely cause excessive wear of the bearings and gaskets.

In the other words, You may save some money buying the appliance directly from the manufacturer and not from authorized supplier or doing the installation by Yourself, but in that case You will surely spend much more money on repairs of the breakdowns due to improper installation.


When Your laundry is ready for function, You can organize some public event to attract attention. That is a well-tried way to provide initial amount of customers. It is not necessary to have an event full of luxury, but it has to be widely noted.

The public opening event gives a starting impulse to the new laundry and enables the beginning of it's successful function. Simple opening of the door and fixing an advertising sign on the front has no promotive impact, needed by a newly opened laundry to attract customers.


After You open Your laundry and it starts to function, You can devote Your time to the organization and managing Your business project, trying to increase Your benefit. There is a huge number of marketing actions which You can organize. Here are some ideas:

  • Advertising in local press
  • Promotional activities
  • Advertising materials send by mail
  • Various coupons

To choose the most appropriate marketing activity, You have to find out first, who are Your potential customers. When this is done, You can direct Your activities towards these target groups.