Laundry Systems

Commercial and selfservice laundry equipment

  • Professional equipment

    The range of professional appliances for washing, drying and ironing is here to meet the needs of small and big laundries as well as self service laundries and include the most advanced technology.

  • The washers extractors are equipped with sensors for optimal temperature, water consumption and rotation speed, so they can achieve the best results concerning the economy and quality in washing.

    The tumble dryers are equipped with sensors for temperature and humidity, safety sensors on door and a cooling cycle at the end of the drying process. They have high standards for safety and quality and at the same time are reliable and simple for use.

  • The range of professional ironers and ironers with a drying option is designed to save the space, time and energy, and they guarantee a complete safety for the user as well.

Profesionalni uređaji

All those appliances have high energy efficiency and are safe and simple for use, so they guarantee excellent results, high productivity and low run costs.